What We Do

Our business is to identify and harness the human factors that contribute to the successful leadership of your business.

Leadership excellence is critical to taking a business to success, and beyond.


Unlike technical skills, the human factors that constitute excellent leadership are rarely formally taught.

Our mission is to work with business leaders; raising ambition, commitment, awareness and agility. We identify strengths, challenge any counterproductive tendencies and apply these insights to life and work to attain exceptional results. 

The benefits flow to you, your colleagues, your clients, your partners and to the bottom line of your business. Find out how Leaders can help you and your team attain exceptional results. 

We expand your intelligence and accelerate your ability to fully utilise your human-success factors.


Translating personal traits into business success

We will quickly shine a light onto your unique human factors – how you communicate, interact and approach pressure or change. We connect your unique mix of skilful traits with the needs of the business, quickly and strategically establishing highly purposeful work.

We give you the tools to succeed

We show you how to optimise your unique talents, enhance interactions, harness positive motivation, overcome hurdles and create a greater impact.

We ensure a powerful impact in your business

Our work will enable you to connect more powerfully with all stakeholders; to shape your business culture and achieve the outcomes your business demands. Phenomenal performance means winning rewarding business, spotting and exiting activity that is merely ‘good’ and attracting, retaining and engaging with a fantastic team.


Learn about our Leadership Development Programme.


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How We Solve Leadership Problems

We add value in these critical areas

Diagnose with Data

Our unique expertise in human data means we objectively and rapidly identify the essential, highly relevant factors that will make an organisation’s leadership exceptional and bring the greatest benefits to the business.

Tailored Solutions

Every leader and every business is unique. All our work is tailored to address the real needs of our clients. We identify, unlock and advance the individual potential of business leaders within the context of the organisation’s specific circumstances and ambitions.

High Impact Delivery

We challenge our clients to move towards high-impact goals. In the process, new habits of thought and action emerge and are embedded, creating long-term business change.

Multi-Sector Perspectives

We have proven experience in a range of leadership environments, including large and mid-sized financial services firms, accelerated start-ups, third sector, technology, and the armed services. That means we can draw upon many networks and perspectives to unlock creative thinking.

Serve to Lead Ethos

We believe in fostering moral courage at the top of an organisation and that leaders with integrity, who serve to lead, will create stronger, more successful businesses.