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Unlike other executive educational programmes, our innovative and inspiring offsite sessions are combined with powerful psychometric insights and one-to-one learning to shine a light on your personal traits, ignite your leadership passion and purpose. 

Nexus is for:

  • CEO
  • MD
  • Founders
  • Divisional leaders

Six months, three offsite sessions and four one-to-ones. 

Our Nexus programme will:

  • Enhance emotionally intelligent leadership
  • Strengthen your connection to purposeful work, the bedrock of excellent performance
  • Equip you with skills to build on trust in your organisation, the essential ingredient for sustaining great performance
  • Provoke perspectives that inform your business strategy
  • Provide insights and tools to engage your people and improve their performance
  • Connect you with a peer learning network
  • Provide immediate application to your work and life

Advance your leadership skills so that you, your people and your business can achieve phenomenal outcomes.


Leaders Nexus is suitable for senior leaders in any SME or large organisation - business, government, charity or accelerated start-up. Our approach to leadership thrives on applying learnings from different industries and cultures including financial services, legal, manufacturing, light industry and the third sector. C-suite executives, board-level directors, business owners or founders are typical Nexus attendees. Put simply, if you are currently responsible for the direction of your business or a significant division, then Nexus is for you.

We draw on leadership thinking as a way to spark ideas and discussion within the group. We have a strong focus on application; this is not an academic course. Sharing and drawing on lived experience - from us, our guest speakers and the group as a whole - are important parts of this programme.

Programme Outline

We invite applications to ensure optimum fit within our learning nexus. In the weeks before arrival in Guernsey, you are invited to complete two psychometric surveys. We will then review these results privately with you so that you gain critical personal insights ahead of the offsite sessions. During the programme, there will be further one-to-one coaching opportunities in the weeks after each of the three offsite intensives. Each offsite begins at 10am on the Thursday and concludes at 4pm on the Friday. You may wish to travel on the Wednesday prior. Dinner on Thursday evening with our guest speaker is an integral part of the programme.

Purpose: the essence of excellent performance

27th & 28th April 2023

Align leadership and strategy around truly compelling objectives

Understanding what makes your work uniquely purposeful is an essential foundation for achieving excellence. In this offsite we explore how your unique style, values, mindsets and experiences combine to create the conditions for success. We illuminate potential blindspots - the counterproductive habits that we each form that will potentially hinder achievement.

  • Elevate understanding of personal leadership impact
  • Connect what motivates you personally with the purpose of your work
  • Accelerate ambition; challenge and overcome limits
  • Clarify truly compelling objectives for your business
  • Understand the power and value of purpose for your colleagues, customers and owners

Keynote speaker: Sarah Gillard, former director of purpose at John Lewis Partnership and now CEO of A Blueprint for a Better Business

The Morally Courageous Leader

22nd & 23rd June 2023

Leading with integrity, clarity and compassion

Excellent leaders possess moral courage, the ability to decide with high conviction and implement with compassion. "Doing the right thing" requires knowing what the right thing is - and then doing it! We reinforce the factors that contribute to your high conviction decision - purpose, vision and values. We explore, using case study examples from within the cohort, why some decisions are difficult and how to navigate complexities and conflicting perspectives on what's right. We consider the role of compassion in leadership, including why we can sometimes over-delegate the implementation of difficult decisions.

  • Strengthen the 'quality', not necessarily the speed, of decision making
  • Clarify the influence of personal values on your company
  • Identify tactics to tackle a difficult scenario, drawing from experiences in the group
  • Understand how to make integrity contagious in your business
  • Explore the impact of 'defining moments' in your leadership and your company

Keynote speaker: Major General Patrick Marriott (retired) CB, CBE, DL

Creating and Leaving a Legacy that Lasts

5th & 6th October 2023

Sustaining health beyond your own tenure

Healthy leaders help to foster healthy organisations. We explore the most critical factor for company health - trust. Teams and companies that are marked by high levels of trust will achieve phenomenal performance. We delve into the five principles of trust; transparency, relatability, consistency, feasibility and an empowering mindset. We understand how company wellness can be fostered and sustained. We will explore the impact of both external influences and internal dynamics on your culture, identifying tactics that will help you to focus on the areas that will make the most difference. This is all in the context of legacy; how you will be remembered and judged long after your departure from your company.

  • Clarify your lasting legacy, what lives beyond your tenure at the company
  • Recognise how to elevate trust in your team
  • Understand the impact of external and internal dynamics on your culture. Identify tactics that will make your company even healthier
  • Overcome the seduction of short term thinking; focus on truly strategic objectives

Keynote speaker: To be confirmed


Faculty Leaders

Phil Eyre


Phil Eyre


Phil Eyre is the founder of the Nexus academy and Leaders. His work is focused on board and C-suite leadership excellence and he holds the concept of servant leadership at the heart of his approach. Phil has in-depth experience in the use of psychometrics and is one of only 20 practitioners worldwide to be certified in the Quality of Motivation Questionnaire; he is mentored by Dr Chuck Coker, a global leader in this field.

Kareena Hodgson

Leadership Consultant

Kareena Hodgson

Leadership Consultant

Having achieved a degree in Community and Youth Work, Kareena built her career in the third sector. She was head of Action for Children in Guernsey for over 10 years, working with a wide range of often challenging situations. Kareena is keenly committed to fostering systems and environments that enable people to flourish. This includes substantial experience in team building and leadership, engaging with multiple stakeholders and supporting individuals in creating healthier habits in work and life. The combination of her encouraging style, people-first mindset, creative thinking, aptitude for utilising insights from psychometric surveys and passion for healthy environments is an asset for any team in any sector.

Major General Patrick Marriott CB, CBE, DL

Collaborative Partner

Major General Patrick Marriott CB, CBE, DL

Collaborative Partner

Major General Patrick Marriott has a distinguished career in the British Army, including as Colonel of The Queen's Royal Lancers, Chief of Staff, HQ 1 (UK) Armoured Division, Commander of the 7th Armoured Brigade and Assistant Chief of Staff (Operations) at Permanent Joint Headquarters. He has commanded in peacetime and battle scenarios, including in Bosnia and Iraq. He was appointed Commandant at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2009 from where he retired in 2012. At Sandhurst - arguably the world’s leading leadership academy - he was also Director General for Leadership for the Army and was responsible for creating 'Developing Leaders', the Army's current leadership doctrine. Patrick makes an immediately positive impact, exuding the “Serve to Lead” ethos that underpins the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Sarah Gillard

CEO of A Blueprint for a Better Business

Sarah Gillard

CEO of A Blueprint for a Better Business

Sarah is CEO of A Blueprint for Better Business, the London based NGO with a purpose to create a better society through better business. Sarah is a passionate advocate for making business “more human” – places where people flourish, communities prosper, and long-term sustainability is the driving force. She has over 25 years of experience leading in fast-paced commercial environments at some of the UK’s largest retail companies. Sarah joined Blueprint in May 2022, from her role as Director of Purpose and Special Projects at John Lewis Partnership, responsible for rearticulating and embedding the purpose of the John Lewis Partnership so that it continues to be a source of inspiration, innovation, and strategic differentiation. Sarah joined the John Lewis Partnership in 2010. She held senior positions across several different areas: trading, commercial strategy, and people strategy. Sarah became a Trustee of the John Lewis Foundation in 2017. Prior to John Lewis, Sarah worked in commercial roles with other major high street retailers. Sarah has a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the University of Oxford and is a fellow of RSA.


The Nexus programme is hosted in Guernsey, one of the UK Channel Islands.

Guernsey has a rich and diverse cultural history and a beautiful natural environment, which we will make full use of throughout the programme. As well as providing an excellent offsite environment, Guernsey presents a fascinating case study in overcoming challenges, with unique laws, government and multiple industries represented in just 25 square miles.

Accommodation is in one of the island’s luxury hotels, the Fermain Valley Hotel. 

Guernsey has excellent air links from London Gatwick, Southampton, Manchester and other UK regional airports.

Cost: £5,250. Includes dinner, lunch & breakfast. Accommodation and travel are additional.

Upcoming Dates: 27th & 28th April 2023 in Guernsey.

Entry Requirements: Applications Close 31st March 2023. We will conduct a brief interview with you before confirming your place.

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