Engaged Leadership Programme

As well as our in-house solutions for individuals or corporate teams, we provide a tailored leadership programme, designed to bring together senior leaders with diverse perspectives. 


The course is delivered over a six-month period - one day per month - with a cohort of leaders from different companies and sectors so attendees can share insights and learn from each other.

We provide a high-trust environment that enables mutual support and challenge - an essential quality of excellence in leadership. 

The programme includes a high emphasis on self-awareness and the essential skills in fostering a high-trust, high-performance environment. 

Our next programme launches in Jersey on 6th October 2022.


The need for excellent leaders is more acute than ever. The new world is marked by turmoil, change and uncertainty. The businesses that succeed and grow will be marked by strength in leadership at all levels of the organisation.


  • Increase your self-awareness. 
  • Understand strengths and how to build these to overcome leadership blindspots. 
  • Learn how to harness natural style and mindsets to enhance impact with others.
  • Recognise how to motive yourself and others towards compelling opportunities. 
  • Strengthen your ability to lead your team into a change-mindset. 
  • Learn how to flex between management and leadership responsibilities. 
  • Elevate your ability to create and sustain a healthy culture as a basis for achieving phenomenal performance and outcomes.

Our Engaged Leaders Programme is designed with these leaders in focus: 

  • Heads of department
  • Team leaders with a career path to the boardroom
  • Client director level
  • Executive management
  • Small/medium business owners


Our focus is on the human factors that make for success;
communication, trustworthiness, impact, motivation, integrity, conflict resolution, sustainability and more. 

These are the essential skills required for effective and sustainable leadership in today’s world.

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Programme Outline


The Engaged Leadership Programme is orientated to enabling practical change; participants will be expected to implement the ideas into their day-to-day work and lives. We support and challenge participants to apply the learning via 1 to 1 coaching, peer group coaching and exercises throughout the programme. This is all designed to achieve a tangible difference in the context of your specific business reality.


We conduct a 360 feedback survey and gather insight from two psychometric surveys at the outset, meeting one-to-one with you to review before of the first group session. This provides you with an immediate and precise awareness of the most important areas - strengths and potential blindspots - on which to focus. These set the basis for a personal plan of action to be developed and applied through the programme. We possess particular expertise in applying insight from psychometric surveys, gaining a more sophisticated insight than standard approaches, including; behavioural style, mindsets, values, capacities, quality of motivation, productive habits (ambition, commitment, awareness, agility), counterproductive habits and more. These insights enable you to focus objectively on the most critical areas that will enhance your leadership impact.


The programme runs over seven months. It comprises of: - Insight from psychometric assessments and 360 feedback, conducted before the first group session, - Twelve half-day learning modules, some combined into a full day of learning and, - Three individual coaching sessions at the beginning, middle and conclusion of the programme. This includes an initial review of the 360 survey results and psychometric surveys.

Fundamentals of Leadership & Management

Morning - 6th Oct 2022

How to lead yourself; the fundamental basis for leadership success. Accelerate self awareness, understand how your personality impacts your capacity to both lead and manage.

  • Understand the strengths and limitations in your personal style
  • Recognise your mindsets and how to harness what drives you
  • Clarify the quality of your motivations and how these contribute to your success.

Communicate With Impact

Afternoon - 6th Oct 2022

Understand how your genetic and cultural mindsets—and those of the people you oversee—can be used to increase engagement and improve communication.

  • Recognise the impact of your natural style, when and how to adapt
  • Understand and respect other people’s approaches
  • Enriching others by bringing them ‘in from the outside

The Science of Leadership

Morning - 10th Nov 2022

Affirm the essential elements of executive leadership and the difference between leadership and management. Learn how to harness your personality and mindsets to succeed as a leader AND as a manager.

  • Ambition skill; pursuing compelling objectives (and avoiding defeatism);
  • Commitment skill; applying ‘common sense’ and care to the work and people that matter the most.
  • Awareness skill; identifying problems ahead of time and taking action. Developing a sophisticated approach to identifying trouble ahead.
  • Agility skill; solving problems hopefully and decisively. Overcoming a 'martyr' mindset.

Refining your Leadership & Management Skills

Afternoon - 10th Nov 2022

Identify your unique strengths and blindspots, enabling you to apply yourself and adapt to the challenges you face.

  • Exploring the differences and similarities between management and leadership
  • Recognise your more 'natural' bias to either leadership or management; identify how to stretch and adapt into the gaps
  • Strengthen your ability in the five critical leadership and management "interactions: accomplish a goal, explain vision, take responsibility, motivate others, mobilise resources

Building Trust

Morning - 8th Dec 2022

Trust is fundamental to achieving success in any team and is the basis for authentic leadership. This module will identify how your personal style and approach are contributing and detracting from your ability to trust and be trusted. Understand the five principles of trust and how to enhance them

  • Transparency
  • Relatability
  • Predictability / consistency
  • Feasibility
  • Empowerment

Healthy Conflict

Afternoon - 8th Dec 2022

No single person has a monopoly on good ideas. Effective leaders are able to engage differences in perspective, style, opinion and belief in a way that constructs the optimum environment for successful decision making. In this module, we learn how to draw out diverse perspectives, understand patterns of how team members deal with conflict and create the necessary conditions for healthy conflict. This includes recognising when compromise is productive and when not to compromise - the basis for a collaborative partnership.

Giving & Receiving Feedback Communication

Morning 12th Jan 2023

Overcome the obstacles and develop the skills necessary to grow from feedback.

  • The need for feedback in high performing teams
  • The three feedback skills; assertiveness, openness, resilience
  • How to give great feedback
  • Creating 'safe to grow' conditions, rich in constructive feedback

Making Integrity Contagious

Morning - 9th Feb 2023

Understand the benefits of integrity, the costs of its absence and the 6 steps to instilling integrity in your team.

  • Continuous personal growth
  • A proper personal perspective
  • Promises
  • Honesty and truth
  • Doing the right thing (not just the easiest)
  • Consistency in all areas of life

Inspirational Leadership

Afternoon - 9th Feb 2023

Elevating your team’s confidence. Charisma is not all about extroverted energy. Understand and developing the three elements of attracting others to your cause, mission, vision and values, the key to building buy-in:

  • Fostering appropriate power dynamics
  • Demonstrating warmth and empathy
  • Being fully present

Building Team Engagement

Morning - 9th Mar 2023

Engaging your team requires skilful leadership. In this module we bust some myths about collaboration, learn how to build success by respecting and harnessing differences and understand the six cognitive conditions for successful collaboration:

  • Relatedness
  • Expression
  • Recognition
  • Interpersonal connection
  • A focus on the facts
  • Hope for the future

Fostering Company Wellness

Afternoon - 9th Mar 2023

Connect each team member to the organisation’s mission, vision and values.

  • Set compelling objectives and foster an accountable culture
  • The power of presence
  • Stretch, rest, repeat

Leaving a Truly Valuable Legacy

Morning - 30th Mar 2023

The best leaders look beyond their own career and immediate impact, seeking to build a legacy that lasts - developing others as successors, making a positive and lasting impact that endures. In this module, we understand how the emotionally intelligent leader is a life-long learner, continually improving themselves, their impact on others, enabling others to excel and in so doing, contributing to a better world.





Course fees are £2,750 per delegate; which includes 360 feedback, two psychometric assessments, all course materials, training days, three one to one coaching sessions. 

Participants commit to engaging with all group sessions which are supported by our course manual, three coaching sessions, completing a personal plan of action and implementing the key ideas in their workplaces. The programme does not require written assignments. We will recommend (but not require) additional reading throughout. 


Places on the programme are limited to 12 people. 
The final date for applications is 19th September, to enable us to arrange feedback on the 360 survey and psychometric assessments before the first group learning session. 

To apply, complete and return the attached form to Annette Search, course administrator: annette@leadersconsultancy.co.uk 
For enquires, call or message Kareena Hodgson, kareena@leadersconsultancy.co.uk  07781 446832

Faculty Leaders

Phil Eyre


Phil Eyre


Phil Eyre is the founder of the Nexus academy and Leaders. His work is focused on board and C-suite leadership excellence and he holds the concept of servant leadership at the heart of his approach. Phil has in-depth experience in the use of psychometrics and is one of only 20 practitioners worldwide to be certified in the Quality of Motivation Questionnaire; he is mentored by Dr Chuck Coker, a global leader in this field.

Kareena Hodgson

Leadership Consultant

Kareena Hodgson

Leadership Consultant

Having achieved a degree in Community and Youth Work, Kareena built her career in the third sector. She was head of Action for Children in Guernsey for over 10 years, working with a wide range of often challenging situations. Kareena is keenly committed to fostering systems and environments that enable people to flourish. This includes substantial experience in team building and leadership, engaging with multiple stakeholders and supporting individuals in creating healthier habits in work and life. The combination of her encouraging style, people-first mindset, creative thinking, aptitude for utilising insights from psychometric surveys and passion for healthy environments is an asset for any team in any sector.


The course will be run in Jersey, at the Grand Hotel (session 1 only) and L'Horizon Hotel for all further sessions, providing a high-quality and comfortable learning environment. 

Jersey has excellent air links from London Gatwick, Southampton, Manchester and other UK regional airports.

Cost: £2,750 per delegate.

Upcoming Dates: Modules will start 6th October 2022.

Entry Requirements: Programme is designed for heads of department, team leaders with a career path to the boardroom, client director level, executive management, small/medium business owners.

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