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The Leaders Advance Programme will advance your leadership skills so that you, and those you serve, can achieve phenomenal outcomes. 

Unlike other executive education programmes, our innovative and inspiring offsite sessions are combined with powerful psychometric insights and one-to-one learning to ignite your leadership passion and purpose.

Six months, four offsite sessions and four one- to-ones.

As experts in human factors, we know how to nurture phenomenal performance. Find out more. 



Our programme will:

  • Enhance your emotionally intelligent leadership
  • Strengthen your connection to purposeful work, the bedrock of excellent performance
  • Provide insights and tools to engage your people and improve their performance
  • Connect you with a peer learning network
  • Provide immediate application to work and life

PROGRAMME OBJECTIVES To advance your leadership skills so that you, and those you serve, can achieve phenomenal outcomes. This course will advance your leadership skills through our unique learning modules, developed from our experience of working with leaders from all sectors and stages of the business cycle.

Why Leaders Advance?

The programme runs over six months, comprising a unique blend of one-to-one insight and four group modules. The first three modules are 1.5 days each, planned to include an evening dinner together. An invited leader with relevant perspectives will join us for dinner to share their insights and perspectives. The fourth offsite is a single day.

Immediate application of learnings

We have designed the programme with a strong emphasis on application and real-life practice. Whilst the models and methods that we draw from are rooted in best practice and science, the programme is more experiential than academic in style, and includes drawing from the data from psychometrics.

The programme includes reinforcing self-learning exercises following each offsite. We will ask you to write (and implement) a Personal Development Plan, two brief written reflections and a focused plan of action for your area of work. Our one-to-one sessions aim to support and challenge you as the programme progresses.

Personal insights to enhance learning

We incorporate insight from two psychometric surveys at the outset in order to elevate your self awareness, a critical element of effective leadership. The insights gained are used throughout the programme to ensure real life application in your business. The second set of insights, completed at the end of the programme, will show the impact of the programme, providing delegates with a deeper understanding of how to work with their personal strengths and overcome blind spots.

Psychometrics - understand how to enhance your leadership impact

We possess particular expertise in applying insight from psychometric surveys. We gain a more sophisticated insight than standard approaches, including not only behavioural style but also mindsets, values, capacities, quality of motivation, productive habits (ambition, commitment, awareness, agility), counterproductive habits and more. These insights enable you to focus objectively on the most critical areas that will enhance your leadership impact.

Invited collaborators include:

Major General Patrick Marriott CB, CBE, DL

The British Army

Major General Patrick Marriott CB, CBE, DL

The British Army

Major General Patrick Marriott believes that ‘Leadership is the supreme art that can lift every standard to higher levels, that can unlock even the most hidden talent.’ The military places a high value on leadership, identifying and developing leaders arguably better than any organisation in the country. The situations and conditions in which the armed forces operate require an exceptionally high level of agility, awareness and commitment - core leadership skills in any organisation. I was therefore keen to include a speaker with military experience. The Major General has a distinguished career of 35 years in the British Army, including his role as Commandant of the Royal Military Academy, shaping what is now the British Army Leadership Doctrine. Notwithstanding his impressive track record, Major General exudes a rare mix of authority, humility and humour that makes an immediate impact on people he meets. As someone who exudes his serve-to-lead values, Patrick will inspire and challenge us in what it means to truly live our values.

Soulla Kyriacou

COO, A Blueprint for Better Business

Soulla Kyriacou

COO, A Blueprint for Better Business

Soulla is COO of A Blueprint for Better Business, an independent charity which works as a catalyst to help businesses be guided and inspired by a purpose that benefits society. Soulla joined Blueprint in December 2012. During that time Blueprint has grown from an initiative that was launched with a conference looking at how corporate purpose and personal values could be united to serve society, to an independent charity that is engaged with a growing number of major global companies to stimulate and energise a different way of thinking and behaving in business which benefits both business and society. Soulla's depth of experience and determination to support and challenge some of the UK’s largest companies towards more purposeful practices is inspiring. Our shared ethos - that good work is a source of human flourishing and great businesses make the world a better place - makes Soulla the perfect partner for our Leaders Advance programme.

Programme Outline

A unique Leaders blend of powerful psychometrics, one-to-one insight sessions, peer group learning and inspiring speakers. The programme runs over six months, comprising a unique blend of one-to-one insight and four group modules. The first three modules are 1.5 days each, planned to include an evening dinner together. An invited leader with relevant perspectives will join us for dinner to share their insights and perspectives. The fourth offsite is a single day. Before Module One, delegates will complete two psychometric surveys online and take part in a one-to-one meeting to review the results (1.5 hours).

Two day offsite Module One: 18th and 19th March 2021.

The Purpose-Driven Leader

Purpose: The not-so-secret basis for achieving phenomenal performance. Primary objective: Make high-conviction, meaningful decisions confidently and clearly.

  • Affirm your unique purpose; what purpose does your personal data point you towards?
  • Connect individual purpose with the purpose of the organisation, the basis for consistently excellent results.
  • Examine a serve-to-lead attitude. What is your particular approach to serving others, and why is this important? How is this reflected in the mission of your organisation?
  • Challenge your horizons; are you naturally orientated towards short or long-term thinking?
  • Strengthen moral courage; what does ‘doing the right thing’ mean in practice?
  • Harness the power of extrinsic motivation and meaningful success measures.

Keynote speaker: Soulla Kyriacou

Module Two

Two Day offsite 20th and 21st May 2021

Module Two: Creating a Culture of Engagement

How the quality of your leadership shapes the health of your organisation. Primary objective: Learn how to place your people at the centre of your strategy for growth, engaging the whole organisation for optimum performance. Plus, one-to-one session to review Personal Development Plan progress (1 hour).

  • Clarify why hearts and minds matter more than words on walls. What are the specific attitudes and actions that constitute a healthy culture for your organisation? How can you move people towards these?
  • Examine authentic leadership. What does the data suggest about your strengths and challenges?
  • Determine healthy approaches to accountability that build engagement in your teams and root out toxicity.
  • Challenge wilful blindness; embracing the power of critical feedback.
  • Understand how to select and build great teams; what bias do you bring to this process?
  • Strengthen trust; understand the five principles of trust and your particular approach to each. How can you adapt to enhance your impact?

Keynote speaker: Major General Patrick Marriott

Module Three

Two Day offsite 8th and 9th July 2021

Leading Successfully Through Change

Leading successfully in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Primary objective: Strengthen your ability to harness change, leading with and for your people.

  • Understand your approach to change and uncertainty. How will this impact others in your team/organisation? What does the data suggest that you might typically miss?
  • Reinforce personal and organisational resolve; tactics to overcome fear and doubt.
  • Explore potential resistance in your organisation. Identify strategies to lead people through/ around them.
  • Examine collaborative leadership; how can you fine-tune your radar?
  • Affirm what’s essential for your leadership at this point. Create a plan of action that will focus your resources on only the most critical areas.
  • The module will include an opportunity to examine business problems that the group is facing, drawing on the experience and wisdom of the cohort.

Keynote speaker: Phil Eyre, Peter Woodward

Module Four

One day 23rd September 2021

Review & Re-energise - Making Long-Term Impact

Draw on the group for your next opportunities and challenges. Primary objective: Reinforcing the essential learning and how this is applied personally and professionally on a consistent and long-term basis.

  • How has your self-leadership advanced over the last six months? What does the data suggest?
  • How is this reflected in your organisation? How would others see and experience this?
  • What do you need to focus on in the next six months?
  • How can this group support and challenge you?

Keynote speaker: Phil Eyre


Is Leaders Advance For You?

The Leaders Advance Programme is suitable for senior leaders in any organisation - business, government, charity or start-up. Our approach to leadership draws upon learning across different industries and cultures, including financial services, legal, manufacturing, light industry and the third sector. Whether you are an executive with ambitions to become a better leader or are poised for an executive appointment, the programme is for you. Put simply, if you are currently responsible for the direction of your business or a division, or you are soon to be appointed to such a role, then the Leaders Advance Programme will help you hone your leadership intelligence and skills.

Faculty Leaders

Phil Eyre


Phil Eyre


Phil Eyre is the founder of the Nexus academy and Leaders. His work is focused on board and C-suite leadership excellence and he holds the concept of servant leadership at the heart of his approach. Phil has in-depth experience in the use of psychometrics and is one of only 20 practitioners worldwide to be certified in the Quality of Motivation Questionnaire; he is mentored by Dr Chuck Coker, a global leader in this field.


The course will be run at the Bella Luce Hotel in Guernsey, providing a comfortable learning environment.

Guernsey has excellent air links from London Gatwick, Southampton, Manchester and other UK regional airports.

Cost: £4,250 per delegate.

Upcoming Dates: Modules will start 18th March 2021

Entry Requirements: Deadline for applications is 28th February 2021

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