Feb 15 2017

Senior Team Advance


The CEO of a mid-sized wealth management business wanted to unlock the next level of success for the company. 



We knew that the business had been successful and had grown rapidly since its launch but it was felt that opportunities were being missed. To uncover the company’s ‘why’ we organised an off-site day for the senior leadership team, in order to focus on the purpose of the business and to explore some business values.

The team developed some crucial insights, including a set of core values for the business.



We then embarked on a ‘leadership formations programme’ with the senior team. Using human metrics we organised group workshops and one-to-one coaching to measure the skills, behaviours, strengths, weaknesses and blindspots of the team.

This resulted in a swift improvement in communication between leaders who, with the human metrics data and graphics, could understand their individual strengths and how they each preferred to communicate.

The human data also confirmed their common ground, providing a foundation for working together in a complimentary way.

The data approach meant we could unlock previously untapped potential and identify hurdles, such as how their impressive work ethic was reducing effective team delegation



Powerful leadership succession improvements were implanted with four key staff promotions.

An improved feedback structure now means that all critical issues are addressed constructively, creatively and collaboratively.

The team were able to improve delegation and empowered the more junior members of the company to take more responsibility. This in turn has allowed the leadership team to focus more on strategy, vision and culture.

In just over nine months, new clients have been won, important stakeholders have taken note of these high-impact wins and the business has successfully evaluated and actioned non-performing business. The result is a leadership team that is more efficient and more focused on profitable business.

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