Feb 15 2017

Transforming Leadership Structure


Review the operating model of a leading global insurance industry provider and help them to transform their business. 



We used our expertise in ‘human factors’ to identify what needed immediate attention to allow change to happen.

We advised a step-change was required in a number of areas including:

  • Leadership envisioning and communication
  • Accountability and feedback structures
  • Management culture, changing it from a ‘mastery’ culture where senior staff individually attempt to cover the bases



We designed a series of workshops for the leadership team to facilitate clarity on strategic objectives and role specification and to equip the team to implement change.

After the third workshop, the CEO gave the ‘green light’ to start a significant business restructuring.

A smooth implantation of that restructuring meant that employees were engaged and clients were positive about the improvements. Following these shifts, the business leaders’ operational and marketing efforts were refocused, with tangible results.



The managers became far more effective and were able to identify ways for their teams to take greater, high-value responsibility and release the leaders’ time to focus on even higher value work.

An example of this is that the manager increased capacity by 50% following just one focused conversation with their team. The proportion of missed deadlines shrank from 40% to 15% in just two months.

The culture shifted from one of command-control to empowerment. Forums were established to enable employees to articulate ideas for improvement and, from this, the client take-on process was transformed.

The business won new clients and moved into new markets.

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