Feb 01 2017

Senior Recruitment Success


Help a mid-sized business to recruit and on-board a senior salesperson who would lead crucial expansion into new markets. 



Securing the right people, the first time, is an important part of leading a business towards its goals.

We had previously worked with the leadership team to assess and identify core values and culture.

We used a Quality of Motivation Questionnaire assessment (QMQ) to predict productive and counter-productive skills to devise and construct highly insightful questions for the interview stage.



Our client had a potential candidate in mind and in applying our process they identified that they would make a good cultural fit.

However, the QMQ assessment helped the interview process to reveal that the candidate, whilst a good salesperson, was less inclined to be the energetic, ‘go-getting’ person specifically required to break into new markets with new products.

We identified a possible stand-out candidate for the role, from within the firm. This individual was in a less purposeful role and our processes ensured that this valuable team member was advanced, making the most of the business’s resources.



Time and money were saved in the recruitment process. The optimal candidate is now advancing the business in the desired direction, with higher value clients being won.

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