Jun 14 2018

Enhancing Management Skill


To provide an in-house management training programme for a long-established, locally owned and managed Channel Island company. It was important that the programme be interactive and provide a measurable outcome, rather than just a series of lectures.



Using insight from psychometrics, we quickly established the critical motivators, skills, capacities and potential leadership blind spots in the team of senior managers.

This allowed us to design a highly effective programme which, when blended with individual coaching, both enhanced the skills of the team and helped them to overcome their counterproductive tendencies. 

Communication, clarity of objective, delegation and making a greater impact on others were key areas for this team.



We initially selected a group of six managers for the development programme. This involved a combination of group and one-on-one sessions over a few months and included psychometric assessments.

As part of the programme, attendees agreed two work-related objectives and one personal objective, which were incorporated into an annual appraisal process, to ensure a focus on making and maintaining positive changes.

The psychometric assessment findings were shared in group sessions, and provoked much discussion and increased understanding of the differences in team members’ personalities – and a marked increase in both self-awareness and also in how to approach others within the group in order to get the best outcome.



The programme was such a success that the company immediately started a second programme for its remaining managers and assistant managers, and followed that with a programme for the board. 

Almost a year on, the business is still benefiting from what was learned during the programme. It has become automatic for the company to consider key strengths and weaknesses when considering the structuring of its teams, personal development of individuals and also how clients/projects should be allocated.


Client Testimonial:

We would highly recommend Phil and his team for coaching. Phil has a very positive energy and optimism, and a particular skill for broaching sensitive or challenging issues in a way that encourages participation.

“Participants feel ‘safe’ to be more open and transparent, and this of course gives better results”.

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