Oct 28 2017

Enhancing Senior Team Dynamics


Rebuild trust within the senior team of a major employer in the Channel Islands following the exit of its former CEO.



Our long-term experience helped us to quickly understand the nature of the toxic environment that had developed amongst the leadership team.

When an environment becomes toxic, the whole organisation suffers. We recognised the need to remove this toxicity by eradicating a ‘blame culture’ and encouraging greater collaboration.



We brought our Leadership Formations Process and Leadership Culture Workshop to the business.

Through psychometric assessments, group and one-to-one sessions we were able to harness self-awareness and raise emotional intelligence. These sessions helped to identify communication styles and modes of thinking and encouraged the team to recognise their toxic environment before rebuilding a healthier workplace.

Both individual and team goals were identified alongside business values and a Respect Charter was established - an important tool in rebuilding trust. 

All of these processes produced exceptional results.



The working environment shifted from untrusting and overwhelming to a place of ‘psychological safety’.

The Respect Charter proved to be a vital tool for encouraging employees to collaborate, achieve their goals and think strategically.

Problems are now shared and addressed rather than hidden and successes are celebrated. The quality of decision making has improved as the team operates effectively rather than in silos, challenging and supporting each other.

Financially, the business delivered results far more than historical levels, outperforming expectations by almost £1 million.

With trust restored, the team are harnessing their productive skills and embarking on further change projects to bring additional efficiencies and innovation.

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