Mar 19 2020| Leadership

Leadership Support and Challenge in a Crisis

Our offer

by Phil Eyre Founder

Create Calm, Make Decisions


In a crisis, leaders need to bring calm, stability and then make a decision. This raises team confidence, enabling them to draw on their experience and training, handling the situation.  Fear is contagious, but so is courage. Leaders must act in a manner that instils courage and confidence, otherwise fear will paralyse decision making. 


Once the decision is made, good leaders keep the team focused, persistent and determined. 


I formed Leaders in 2017 to champion good leadership and support people in leadership positions. In the midst of these unprecedented times, it has become clear that leaders will be under considerable pressure in the coming weeks and months. From making decisions within a fast-moving situation, to supporting their workforce and adapting their business model to possible long-term changes, the pressure on leaders is immense.


Equally, our entire workforce will need to avoid face-to-face meetings in the coming weeks. Our solution is to take our leadership coaching virtual.


The offer


  • Weekly one-to-one sessions. Consistency is critical.


  • Whatever time you need; recommend alternating 1 hour and 30 minutes (i.e. 1 hour week one, 30 mins week two). Longer/shorter, more/less frequent if you need.


  • Short notice availability whenever possible.


  • On-line, by phone or in person as appropriate. Guidance re Covid-19 will be respected.


  • End of week round up of ideas arising circulated to the cohort only (no-names or identifying specifics given without permission).


  • Payment is based on what the business can afford



The benefits


-   A confidential environment in which to explore anything. 

  • A whole-of-life ethos. I care about you as a person, supporting you in all your roles in life.
  • Helping you to bring to the conscious and articulate what your senses are already telling you.
  • Bringing an external, impartial perspective.
  • Applicable; exploring tactics and practices that you can put into practice. Drawing out ideas from other people’s experiences as well as your own.




  • Six months of commitment after which we will review.  You may wish to continue thereafter.
  • We can put an NDA/confidential agreement in place if desired; we have a standard agreement.
  • I will be as flexible as possible; I’m here to support you however you need it.


Call or message to say ‘yes please’ and we’ll get a date arranged asap.



Phil Eyre


07781 100351 (my mobile).


About The Author | Phil Eyre

Phil is Leaders’ founder. He has an enthusiastic and inspiring style, drawing on his experience in business, academia and social sectors to help any leadership team to achieve phenomenal performance. Phil has sophisticated expertise in psychometrics and in the application of human data for individual, team and organisational success. He has trained with, and been mentored by, global leaders in this field, notably Dr Chuck Coker in the US. Phil began his career in the UK offshore finance industry in 1994, working for a wealth management company in Guernsey, Collins Stewart (CI) Limited, now Canaccord Genuity Wealth International. Phil was head of the company's Guernsey division, with a staff of 120 and assets under management of £4.5billion before resigning from executive responsibilities in 2008. Phil has served on the boards of three charities, including BMS World Mission, a UK charity with over 80 employees and a global reach. Phil also ran the Guernsey hub of a national theology college, received accreditation as a pastor in the Baptist Union of Great Britain and served as a non-executive director for Canaccord Genuity Wealth International. Phil is a member of the Institute of Directors.

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