Mar 30 2017| Leadership

Leadership Conference Guernsey

Conference Shines a Spotlight on Leadership Excellence in Channel Islands

by Phil Eyre Founder

Conference Shines a Spotlight on Leadership Excellence in Channel Islands

Leaders is hosting Guernsey’s first leadership conference at St Pierre Park on Thursday 22nd June.

A lineup of speakers, curated by Leaders founder Phil Eyre, will present a diverse range of topics that touch on the issues organisational leaders face and explore how leadership excellence can be achieved.

Matt Bird

Author of Relationology, broadcaster and speaker Matt Bird will discuss the idea that the true currency of business is relationships, not money. ‘When given the choice people buy from the people they know, like and trust rather than people they don’t. So business leaders can develop competitive advantage in a saturated marketplace being known, liked and trusted,’ states Mr Bird.

He has a unique approach to achieving business growth through the power of building effective customer, client and stakeholder relationships. This session promises to be highly practical and applicable, demonstrating that investing in healthy relationships is at the core of high-performance leadership.

Major General Patrick Marriott

Major General Patrick Marriott is a former Commandant of the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, renowned the world over for excellence in leadership development. At Sandhurst he was also Director General for Leadership for the Army and was responsible for creating ‘Developing Leaders’, the Army’s current leadership doctrine. He will share his leadership lessons, gained over the course of his distinguished career.

In his words, Major General Patrick Marriott asks: ‘Leadership is the supreme art that can lift every standard to higher levels, that can unlock even the most hidden talent, but where exactly should the leader be to “turn the moment”, to inspire and to rally men and women to the right purpose?’

Dr Lesley Dickie

Dr Lesley Dickie, the CEO of Jersey Zoo, will inspire the audience to consider the long-term impact of leadership actions and will challenge them to be radical in both their thinking and their actions.

Guy and Julia Hands

Entrepreneurial couple Guy and Julia Hands will also be speaking at the conference. Mr Hands is the Founder and Chairman of Terra Firma. Since 1994, he has overseen the investment of more than €16 billion in 33 businesses with a total enterprise value of more than €48 billion. Mrs Hands is the Chairman and Chief Executive of Hand Picked Hotels, a unique collection of 19 country house hotels across the UK and the Channel Islands. They will reflect on their own experiences of leadership, as individual entrepreneurs and also as a couple.

Conference Format

Starting at 4pm and concluding after dinner, the conference schedule includes time in between each presenter for a round-table discussion.

The evening’s programme will conclude with a drinks reception prior to a barbecue on the terrace, which all speakers and delegates are invited to attend.

Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors

The event has been kindly sponsored by Investec Bank (Channel Islands), Specsavers, Rothschild Trust Guernsey, Carey Group Guernsey, Grant Thornton, Optimus Group and Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management.

Event Details

Time: 4pm - 8pm
Date: Thursday 22nd June 2017
Venue: St Pierre Park Hotel
Tickets: £95.00 per person, or table of ten £950.00

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About The Author | Phil Eyre

Phil is Leaders’ founder. He has an enthusiastic and inspiring style, drawing on his experience in business, academia and social sectors to help any leadership team to achieve phenomenal performance. Phil has sophisticated expertise in psychometrics and in the application of human data for individual, team and organisational success. He has trained with, and been mentored by, global leaders in this field, notably Dr Chuck Coker in the US.

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